County says to hell with the environment


It is such a disappointment to bring in a largely new Rocky View Council and then to get the same old results. With all the gravel underlying RVC, one wouldn’t think it necessary to develop a mine only metres from a set of springs considered nationally significant, and a tiny, 67 acre provincial park, that had 80,000 car-visits last year alone. This park’s unique qualities all derive from those springs that will undoubtedly be impacted by a mine on their aquifer.

From reports in the local papers, there was no consideration by council of the environmental impact the Summit Mine will have on this unique piece of Rocky View real estate. In fact, council even voted to lift restrictions on developing a small part of the lease previously listed as ecologically sensitive. Despite the efforts of Couns. Crystal Kissel and Samanntha Wright, Rocky View voted to streamline the steps to full mine approval. Apparently, it is a matter of “to hell with the environment when 25 cents/tonne royalty rates are at stake.

Vivian Pharis


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