We need balanced development


I recently received an email, “Open for Business,” from Morgan Nagel who is standing for re-election on town council. In it, Nagel highlighted that Cochrane is not only one of the fastest growing towns in all of Canada, but the fastest growing town in Alberta. However, because of the rapid pace of growth, the town is unable to keep up with the required infrastructure – not just roads, but other services, such as schools, police, sewage, and drinking water. In light of this situation, Nagel explained that a year ago he asked the mayor and town council to please consider putting a temporary freeze on new residential development proposals. However, he reports that his idea was apparently laughed out of the Council chambers as being too radical and irresponsible. With the upcoming town council elections the citizens of Cochrane have an opportunity to have the last laugh by ensuring that our incumbent mayor and the other councillors are voted out and replaced by a slate of people who support Morgan Nagel’s eminently sensible and responsible idea, namely, that the town shifts its focus off of residential development and toward commercial and industrial development, projects that not only move the town towards a healthier balance of residential and commercial for Cochrane’s tax base as well as creating career and job opportunities in our local economy.

Ron Voss


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