Stop whining about noise


In regards to the letter titled ‘We support Morgan Nagel,” I can’t believe the amount of whining coming from some people in Sunset Ridge.

You live in an urban area where cars, motorbikes, kids and all sorts of things create some noise. If you want utter peace and quiet with your patio door open then I suggest moving to where there is no noise.

You bought in Sunset Ridge knowing the future growth of that area, now you are complaining about noise!

That’s life. Move out to the country if you don’t like it.

I have lived on an acreage for 30 years here in Cochrane, now we are in the town limits close to Highway 22. Sunset Ridge is a stone’s throw from Highway 22.

There is almost a constant sound of Jake brakes, motorbikes, sirens etc. Coming from the highway at all hours of the day. That’s life!

Let the kids learn how their cars work and experience that joy of driving!

Just like the homeowners that bought close to Spray Lake Sawmill complaining about the noise when they knew well what they were living beside when they bought.

Quit whining everyone. Cochrane is growing and so will the noise.

Get over it.

John Costigan


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