Morgan Nagel would be a great MLA


I was very happy when my friend and colleague Morgan Nagel told me he was going to announce his intentions to run for provincial politics. I have gotten to know him quite well since he first became a councillor, and even more so since I myself joined the council chambers. I have seen Morgan speak out on the public’s behalf when no one else would on a number of occasions. Whether it was questioning the costs of the new wave pool, or warning the public about the over approval of residential development, he has always had a knack for shining light on important, but otherwise undiscussed problems within our government. I think that’s exactly the kind of person that we need in partisan politics.

All across Canada, our political parties are suffering from tunnel vision, where our parties are stuck in a permanent grid lock, refusing to question the status quo of their own party positions, while stubbornly opposing every single thing the other side says. I hope that this newly formed United Conservative Party is able to benefit from a fresh and vocal perspective like Morgan’s. I have no doubt that if Morgan is given a chance to speak up in the Alberta government, he will find a way to positively contribute to Canada’s national political discussion.

I know some people are concerned about the municipal cost of a byelection if he wins. But even if I ignore the bigger picture and focus solely on Cochrane’s best interests, it still seems like a big win for our town if Morgan is elected.

Every single major issue that our town faces requires assistance and leadership from the provincial government. If Morgan becomes our next MLA, I know he will do whatever is in his power to advocate for our community’s interests. Each year we spend thousands of dollars sending our team to AUMA in hopes that they will be able to talk to provincial representatives – $50,000 is a tiny price to pay for a municipality to actually get its voice heard in the legislature.

Alex Reed


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