Future of wildlife symposiums unknown


After the second annual symposium last Saturday, organizers said they were uncertain if they would be hosting a third symposium next year.

“We don’t have a huge amount of money and we cannot afford to lose,” explained Clio Smeeton, Cochrane Ecological Institute director.

“If there was someone to fund it, that would be great. Me and Ken are great at getting people to talk but if you have no money then you are gambling.”

The Wildlife Symposiums were started as an informative, affordable, non-fundraising gathering where people could educate themselves about the environment.

The first Symposium was hosted in March 2016 and the second symposium was hosted last weekend – both at the Cochrane RancheHouse.

But after the second event last Saturday, the possibility of a third symposium is unknown.

The research institute operates as a non-profit and receives the majority of its funding through the Happytails Pet Retreat, located approximately 30 minutes northwest of Cochrane, along Township Road 280.

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