Former council candidate looks to engage town to issues


Cochranite Scott Gibson-Craig is looking to provide a platform for fellow townspeople to engage in healthy discourse when it comes to municipal politics and where the public interfaces with the town.

“My intention is … for it to be a place where people can come and get information … I want to find ways to get people engaged. ”

A regular perusal of many popular Facebook pages has Gibson-Craig well aware that there are social media pages that allow for local ranting and raving over town talk – but he feels a dedicated, citizen-led website and Facebook page that allows for banter over council meetings, upcoming open houses and public hearings, and provides updated information on committees and task forces would be more effective.

Gibson-Craig ran for town council earlier this fall and has vowed that his failure to secure a seat will not deter him from engaging and taking part in local politics from a citizen angle.

Now seeing that the proposed 2018 budget has risen to 4.45 per cent from 3.0 per cent through deliberations – a figure that is anticipated to decrease somewhat by the time council votes to adopt the budget on Dec. 11 – Gibson-Craig is observing social media banter and feels those who wish to engage are missing out on a dedicated page to hash out thoughts on the budget.

“I hope to find a way to get people engaged – as they were during the election – year-round. Letting people know about issues that are going to affect them and find ways to actually get people out to speak at a public hearing, and stuff like that. ”

He added that he hopes to see the newly-elected council push for where savings can be achieved in the budget and not only justifying it by saying there is a need to increase services – flagged as being behind due to the town’s significant growth for such services as fire, RCMP and facilities life cycling.

He feels that launching such online platforms would fill a gap that he observed through his own campaign run this fall.

Gibson-Craig plans to launch the website and Facebook page in the early New Year. Contact him via Facebook to learn more.


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