Enzo and the Ferraris to rock pub


Enzo and the Ferraris will be taking the stage at the Cumbrian Arms Pub on Feb. 10.

The five-member band was formed seven years ago playing instrumental rock cover songs and are now delving into writing their own songs for their first self-titled album that was released a week ago on Jan 31. Songwriter and lead guitarist Enzo Ribaric said the music is somewhat different than the usual rock and roll hits.

“The way the band is right now, is pretty much how I always wanted it to be. I played country (music) for many, many years and I wasn’t happy with how that was going,” Ribaric said.

“With the rock music I was able to find my passion. Our music is very guitar-oriented. It’s not the music you find in a regular bar. We don’t have lyrics of course because it is strictly an instrumental rock band … the CD that we have come out with, are all songs that I’ve been trying to get out of my head for a long time. We have a band that can offer just original songs, but we can also offer a mix of original and covers to suit everybody’s musical needs.”

“There’s a whole pile of things that people would find interesting with our music. The reason we don’t have lyrics is because it’s always been a struggle for me to think of words to go with the song. I always thought of the music to go with visual things, where you don’t really need to have somebody singing it.”

Ribaric said a lot of the information about his songs is in the title and the rest is left up to interpretation by the listener.

“What you hear in the music is pretty much what you hear in the title. For instance, if I write a song called Ghost Train Cars, I have a vision of a train running in the night with only ghosts showing through the mirrors of the train cars,” Ribaric said.

“For me, that is a vision that I couldn’t get out of my mind. Some of them (ghosts) were random people and others were people that I had lost … but they’re all running through the night. So from that I was able to give that specific title to the song.”

“If you hear the title and then hear the actual song, you can hear the sound of a train moving through the night and through the guitars and the drums, you would be able to tell that this is the train song.”

This is just one example, almost all of our songs are the same way. My titles are related to the song that you’re going to hear.”

For their Feb. 10 show, Ribaric would hope that the people attending will enjoy the band’s music.

“We are not a high energy band that will blast your ears off from the beginning of the show. It all depends on the people who are listening to us and usually we are able to tell the ambience of the venue,” Ribaric said.

“We are going to play mostly original songs because we like to show what we’ve done. We hope that the people listening will enjoy our music.”

Those interested in seeing Enzo and the Ferraris should get down to the pub early to find seating for the 8 p.m. show.


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