Editorialist tries to redefine racism


I guess, like other words in the English language, “racism” is getting a makeover. It seems that if you lack empathy or compassion for a particular group, or have an expectation of legal accountability or, God forbid, individual responsibility, then now you are racist.

Dare to cite actual statistics? You must just be racist. Opposed to the illegal immigration of refugees deliberately circumventing the rules? You must be racist. Have an opinion that differs from the mainstream politically correct view? Keep it to yourself; else you’ll be branded racist.

Talk about superficial reasoning. To conflate lack of empathy or compassion, or simply a difference of opinion is not racism, but is just an attempt to slur people who don’t share your viewpoint. It’s not that people don’t understand the concept of racism; the editorialist is attempting to redefine it. As has been done to so many other words in the English language in recent years.

To put the above in context, I am a visible-minority immigrant to this country. And, according to the new definition: racist.

Chris Carvalho


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