Columnist spewing white noise


In response to Jennifer Isaac article on Boushie case illustrates Canada’s racism problem. First off, this is not a racism issue it is a criminal issue. The crime here is a man and his son were doing daily chores on their farm, when a truck load of blackout drunken violent thieves with a loaded gun came on his property. They rammed his vehicle and attempted to steal his quad and punch his wife.

I have not heard of any sympathy or concern for the real victims here, the Stanley family. They truly are the real victims in this horrible incident. Why was there no other charges laid against the other people in the truck as that story has all gone silent.

I don’t believe that there is any doubt from anyone that this whole incident was a tragedy as one person lost his life but don’t confuse the issue as being racism when it is a criminal issue.

If Jennifer wants to write an article then perhaps she should do some real investigative reporting, drive out to the scene and find out the complete story. What were the criminal records of all involved, what about the farm. This truck stopped at earlier in the day and attempted to rob, what were the blood alcohol levels of the deceased and others in the truck.

Jennifer is just spewing white noise along with our Prime Minister who is looking to do what ever he can to garner up votes rather than deal with the real issue.

Jim Robinson


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