Cochrane North needs better drainage


On Feb. 27, council will hear and presumably decide on the Cochrane North development. Councillors must consider many factors but the first, by far, is a pipe to the Bow River. A proper pipe to the Bow must be in place and ready to go before any more homes are built. Presumably, the developer has committed to the construction of such a pipe when necessary (i.e. after an undetermined number of homes are built.) That’s good but not nearly good enough.

We have had close to record snow accumulation this month. Ordinarily, we get the greatest amount of our annual snowfall in March and April. If we get a quick melt, especially if accompanied by significant rainfall, the current little pipe to Horse Creek will be totally insufficient thereby again causing more flooding and huge miseries to those along Cochrane Lake, which is to say nothing of the damage to the ecology and fish populations in Horse Creek – and that is before any additional homes are constructed.

The proposed development calls for (eventually) more than 400 homes on 50-plus foot lots. That’s a lot of paving and a lot of runoff into a lake that has lakeside residents living on the edge. Build the pipe first, before any more homes. The risk of doing otherwise is as obvious as it is unjustified and untenable.

If the development is to proceed, it is council’s responsibility – and only council’s responsibility – to ensure it is done properly. Sacrificing the safety andwell-being of current residents in order to attract future residents is indefensible. Previous Rocky View councils have “been there, done that.”

Jerry Arshinoff


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