Cloverleaf design makes sense


I agree with both letters that find the cloverleaf design for the intersection at highways 1A and 22 a very workable proposal. The no lights and straight through concept is the best way to eliminate delays and accidents. But first they must upgrade both highways 1A and 22. Twining them so the traffic doesn’t back up from the cloverleafs feeding them. Merging or yielding traffic entry could back up flow, defeating the cloverleaf design. Highway 1A and Highway 22 need to be twinned to handle today’s traffic. Re-Design for today and tomorrow. Don’t utilize engineering from 40 to 60 years ago because it cheaper.

Alberta Transportation needs to upgrade the 1A from GlenEagles Drive to Highway 40 and Highway 22 from Highway 1 North to Cremona. Including that dangerous cloverleaf on Highway 1 and Highway 22. That intersection is what happens on yielded and one-lane roads. I believe plans are being discussed to correct the intersections North of Sunset Ridge for better access and more exits for Sunset Ridge. The twining of Highway 22 would tie into the proposed design seamlessly.

We need our municipal politicians to work with Alberta Transportation and Alberta Government to get all of this done as soon as possible. Utilizing cheaper oil and construction costs now, not 10 to 20 years from now when everything will have gone up in price. Let’s help Cochrane get the proper infrastructure in place as soon as possible, for all of our safety and future needs. Bruce Rasmussen


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