Chilvary is not dead


Chivalry is all around us in Cochrane. A couple of weeks ago when it was -30 C, with very icy and snow conditions, while I was walking with groceries in the cart to my cat in the Walmart parking lot, I fell to the ground with the loaded grocery cart.

Two cars coming from separate directions stopped instantly and the drivers came to my rescue. The gentlemen who took the time to give assistance were exceptionally kind and caring.

They of course asked if I was OK, then helped me up and put the groceries back in my car. They offered to help me to my car, which was great but I was not hurt. I assured them I was Ok and proceeded on my way.

However, as I made my turn to exit the parking lot, I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed both heroes had waited to make sure I was OK. I tooted a quick honk and waved, but do not know if they noticed. Feeling elated and appreciative at being helped, I truly hope they read this thank you, so they know the depth of my gratitude and appreciation.

Every day I see various acts of kindness throughout out town. We are expanding our population and amenities, which is certainly challenging in numerous ways for all of us residents, businesses, town councillors and visitors. There is an amazing heartbeat of the community, which gives us a feeling of contentment, security and safety. I feel very fortunate to be living in Cochrane and it is most refreshing to be part of this community. Whether long-time residents or new, there is a definite connection of feeling the uniqueness and diversity Cochrane has to offer. It has numerous advantages and traditional values, and a warm welcoming persona.

Yes, Cochrane pride is alive and thriving.

Gail Schechtel


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