Campaign question 4: Tara McFadden (council incumbent)


The layout of the community and the focus on the success of the Quarry has resulted in a perceived rift between our growing business community and our Historic Downtown businesses. How will you, as a mayor or councillor, foster a business community that is more cohesive?

Keeping a downtown alive is a common issue across the country. As housing grows outward, people like to travel within 5 to 10 km for food and such. It’s human nature. That means unique products and services in a downtown area may not be visited as often.

The Quarry is a great addition to our Town, but is privately owned. We have no say in how they promote the area. Historic Downtown, however, is a mix of independent business and/or landowners, that is a big part of our identity, offering services and drawing visitors.

Every business owner in Cochrane enjoys a free and fair market system. To get to the heart of the worries and frustration, there are lots of ways council can support businesses to share and learn— such as town halls, marketing workshops, a Business Revitalization Zone group, building a pedestrian crossing over the tracks, expanded parking and traffic flow, a more inclusive tourism strategy, and greater interactivity with the Chamber. These are just some ways to help owners boost connections, options and success—because when they thrive, Cochrane thrives.


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