Campaign question 4: Miles Chester (council candidate)


The layout of the community and the focus on the success of the Quarry has resulted in a perceived rift between our growing business community and our Historic Downtown businesses. How will you, as a mayor or councillor, foster a business community that is more cohesive?

There is a communication disconnect between the present administration and local businesses. According to the Chamber of Commerce there is little or no good dialogue between economic development and business owners. The Cochrane Dollars Promotion is a good example of poor communication, as that promotion is not working for anyone! Here is a simple fix: have MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream give every person that buys a one or two scoop ice cream, $5 in Cochrane Dollars to spend at all participating Cochrane businesses. That now makes each person that comes for Ice Cream a potential customer with a reason to buy. This can also help our Historic Downtown, as that is where MacKay’s is located.

Our Historic Downtown needs special attention in both economic development and tourism. People come to our downtown every day for ice cream! We need to take advantage of that to draw people to our shops. We need administration to take the time and consult with businesses, come to a consensus and them implement programs that will help grow our economic opportunity. We need ideas people on council and in administration.


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