Campaign question 4: Marni Fedeyko (council candidate)


The layout of the community and the focus on the success of the Quarry has resulted in a perceived rift between our growing business community and our Historic Downtown businesses. How will you, as a mayor or councillor, foster a business community that is more cohesive?

All businesses in our town need to be supported whether they are located in Historic Downtown, the Quarry, along Fifth Avenue or in our industrial district.

Many small business owners are so heavily invested in the day-to-day operations that marketing themselves ends up on the bottom of the list or they have limited funds to do so well and effectively. Working together is key, shop local does not just mean supporting the small mom and pop stores but all businesses within Cochrane.

We need to market and promote our businesses during community events allowing day trippers to know exactly what we offer. We need to find alternatives for advertising such as allowing logos on our two LED signs in town and create a united community where all businesses feel valued. A thriving business community attracts other businesses to town, puts money into our economy, allowing Cochrane to achieve those wants on our wish list.

The last thing we need to do is create a rift between business districts where some businesses feel they are less valuable than others.


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