Campaign question 4: Jeff Genung (mayoral candidate)


The layout of the community and the focus on the success of the Quarry has resulted in a perceived rift between our growing business community and our Historic Downtown businesses. How will you, as a mayor or councillor, foster a business community that is more cohesive?

Creating an environment in which all business can thrive must be a priority of council. Preserving our Historic Downtown is vital to our entire community, businesses and residents alike.

A healthy business sector provides the backbone on which a vibrant community is built. I believe the town must work closer with business groups, listening to their concerns and applying their input in the decision making process.

I have been a vocal proponent for the creation of council task forces, they have been forming on their own already: Chamber of Commerce, Historic Downtown businesses, CBN… Working together, hearing each other’s concerns and ideas will only prove beneficial to all regardless of which side of the tracks you are from.


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