Campaign question 2: Vivian Cox (council candidate)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

My priorities for improving social or community services would include the following:

1) Invite community groups to present their ideas to council in regards to how we could improve social and community services. These are the front line staff, who are working within our community, and experiencing the challenges of our current social and community services; therefore, listening to their recommendations would be beneficial for council in setting their priorities.

2) For the town to continue with their annual community grant program. This program allows for various organizations throughout the town to benefit financially, through the application process.

3) Advocate to ensure that dog parks within residential areas remain a priority when planning future developments.

4) Advocate for school yards to have skating rinks. These rinks would provide a location for people to gather in the community socially to participate in physical activity, and enjoy the outdoors.


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