Campaign question 2: Tara McFadden (council incumbent)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

I believe that the best decisions are made when council listens to people.

This year, over 1,200 residents spoke out on what we need to improve our everyday life.

Through surveys, focus groups and more residents engaged in the Cochrane Cares review which answered this question. A major theme of the report is “Cochrane Cares reports high satisfaction, many areas to work on!”

Key issues that were identified include: youth/senior isolation, The need for transit, less traffic congestion, 24-hour urgent care, a range of housing options.

Some of these areas fall within Cochrane’s ability to act and others to the province.

We can address isolation through transit and supporting FCSS programs. Investment in our roads, transit, and providing local services can help connectivity and traffic, and planning and partnerships can address the need for housing options.

Health issues fall to the province, but as with highways, we can lobby for the results Cochrane needs.

As a councillor, my role is to prioritize people, and I will champion funding for FCSS programs, non-profit projects, and other projects that meet our social and community needs.


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