Campaign question 2: Ross Watson (council incumbent)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

First on the list is a 24-hour urgent care centre. One with improved services like Ultrasound, 24 hour observation beds and at least two dialysis beds.

Second, on the list is the creation of a volunteer advisory board. I feel that the volunteer groups in Cochrane are the heart of the town. As Cochrane has grown we have lost touch with the needs of these groups. Rather than creating rules to govern how these groups, such as the Cochrane Farmers’ Market and Labour Day events, need to comply with town regulations, we need to ask how can the town aid these volunteers in putting on these events.

Third, I would like to see more playing fields, a location for a soccer dome and plans for a community culture centre.

The land that the old pool and curling rink are on needs to be dedicated to community use rather than sold for any other purpose.

Cochrane is a town with a strong volunteer spirit. That volunteer spirit needs the facilities and the will to keep Cochrane a dynamic community.


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