Campaign question 2: Patrick Price (council candidate)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

One of Cochrane’s top priorities insuring the town gets 24 -hour urgent care. That being said, Alberta Health Services makes that decision, and the only thing the town of Cochrane can do is supply AHS with information, and possible pressure for the need of such a service. Having such a vital service will save residents from driving to Calgary as well as saving paramedics making the trip with patients, inevitably saving the taxpayer money in the end while providing convenience and possibly saving lives.

Cochrane has several other needs such as a women’s shelter and low-cost family housing that is central in our town, especially since the town does not have transit thus far.

Transit of some form has to be another priority so we can connect our neighbourhoods and make the rest of town accessible, whether it is a bus service or working with companies such as Uber. I would like to see Seniors on the Bow moved to a central location in town – central for pedestrians.


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