Campaign question 2: Jeff Genung (mayoral candidate)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

There is great demand for better social services and support in our community. My concerns include the 25 homeless youth per night in Cochrane, and according to the 2013 ECDmap Review, the emotional readiness of one in five children entering school in Cochrane is well below the Provincial average. In 2015, Cochrane saw three young lives lost. To me, this shows a huge need and demand for access to mental health for teens, adults and families, including affordable and accessible counselling and outreach. I also feel Cochrane would greatly benefit from affordable and accessible activities and programs.

For our seniors I have concerns regarding accessibility, housing, as well as a seniors centre that not only meets their needs but also exceeds it. If we care for our senior population then we are also caring for our culture that I feel is being allowed to erode.

If elected mayor, I will hold a meeting with every community organization and support service to find a united approach. By reaching out, listening and collaborating. I am confident together we can fill the existing gaps and make strides to improve in all areas.


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