Campaign question 2: Alex Reed (council candidate)


What are your priorities for improving social or community services?

Being fiscally responsible and keeping taxes low while maintaining appropriate levels of services is critical to the success of town council. There are at least three areas of community services that need further investigation.

There is a need for modern affordable assisted seniors housing, expanding our health care services, and public transit.

Building on the great work of Carol Borschneck and Gaynor Levisky, the Big Hill Lodge is nearing its life expectancy. Possibly relocating the rodeo grounds so that this property could potentially be available for affordable senior assisted living facilities is something to consider.

Expanding our health care services to 24-hour urgent care is critical to the future success of our growing community.

Public transit is a community service issue worthy of establishing a task force on. The traditional option of a city-like transit system is unrealistic, but there other cost effective alternatives.


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