Campaign question 1: Vivian Cox (council candidate)


To ensure fiscal responsibility I would like to see more of the municipalities working together regionally to share the cost of developing certain communication pieces when rolling out their programs.

For example, many municipalities in the Calgary region implemented their organics collection program. It would make fiscal sense to pool our resources collectively, and develop a major generic communications piece for the region. Then, with that generic piece, we could all have a copy, which we could use to personalize for each individual town.

So, instead of each municipality paying for example $30,000 for a communication piece to implement a program, we could put in $10,000 regionally, and then use another $10,000 to make it our own, and save $10,000 – these numbers are used for example purposes only.

If we did this with other departments within the town, that $10,000 savings would add up over the term of a year. This is only one example of how I would ensure fiscal responsibility and keep taxes down.


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