Campaign question 1: Tom Hardy (mayoral candidate)


“I think we need to take a hard look at where we have some inefficiencies and where we are spending our money. I think we need to look at cutting back on some of the big projects currently in progress and re-evaluate our priorities. Once we’ve given ourselves some breathing room and evaluated our priorities, we can move forward with our important projects in phases in order to not overtax our capacity to accomplish these projects without increasing our debt load while giving ample time for public input.

Alongside this I feel we need to look at opportunities to improve multiple issues with calculated moves. I’m talking about increasing the amount of high density housing in any new developments that end up getting approval as they end up costing less to build, are more affordable for buyers or renters and decrease the overall tax burden on the individual by spreading it out over multiple units leading to theoretically reduced or stabilized taxes as the town grows.”


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