Campaign question 1: Patrick Price (council candidate)


The current council has not kept up with the infrastructure and the growth of the town, and the next council will have to deal with the severe lack of infrastructure. The town should stop the frivolous spending of taxpayers’ money on programs with little benefit to the town, businesses or residents – such as the Cochrane Dollars program. It is a great keepsake but otherwise has little value to anyone.

Another fine example is the renovation of the Clubhouse to the tune of $420,000 plus, for a renovation! There is a lot of wasted space in the Clubhouse, but they do have a beautiful deck, probably the best deck in Cochrane.

The town needs to attract industry, not the service and hospitality industry which caters to the public and pays low wages where the employees are relying on tips, but industry where employees can make careers – it will also retain our youth who have to move to another municipality to find those careers.

Or we can continue along the past path where municipalities, including Cochrane, shuffle funds from one program to another to balance everything out. I am opposed to doing that because other programs suffer in the end.


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