Campaign question 1: Morgan Nagel (council incumbent)


There’s only one way to lower taxes, and that’s knowing how to say “no.” I’ve never shied away from saying no to the big spenders. In the last term, I said no to tens of millions of dollars worth of unnecessary expenses. First and foremost, I did my best to convince the mayor and council to scale down the ambitious wave pool and curling rink project, which cost us a fortune. Year after year, I pushed for tax cuts in our budgets. Every year, I stood opposed to frivolous things like expensive new chairs for the RancheHouse.

When the recession hit, I tried to freeze government salaries (three years in a row) and even went so far as to freeze my own pay. In the next term, I will start by saying no to the multi-million dollar cultural centre. I’ve always been Cochrane’s most fiscally conservative town councillor, and I don’t plan on changing. You can count on me to stand up for your bank account.


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