Campaign question 1: Marni Fedeyko (council candidate)


To ensure fiscal responsibility, the elected council will need to carefully sift through the wants, needs, and must haves of Cochrane. We will need to take charge of the budget this year, as we await the finalized number on the aquatic/curling centre and what the overall impact will mean for the community. While we all have things we want to see in our future (reasonable transit, recreational spaces, cultural hub) they also come with a price tag.

In order to keep taxes down, we will need to see our residential communities grow, albeit, more carefully than before. Promoting small business will also be key. One initiative will be to continue promoting daytripping experiences, which bring money into our local economy as long as efforts are concentrated on all businesses across town. We need to encourage business involvement and collaboration so daytrippers know exactly what Cochrane offers. If our businesses flourish it will be an automatic draw for other businesses to set up shop in Cochrane. Small businesses can’t be left to fade away as they are the backbone of our community. They add to Cochrane’s flair and uniqueness and are at the heart of what makes Cochrane different.


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