Campaign question 1: Jason Phillips (council candidate)


This isn’t just a matter of keeping taxes low or reducing them – it’s about transparency and engagement. Let’s face it, taxes always feel too high when council can’t, or doesn’t, outline the needs and explain what you get for your taxes. Cochranites deserve to always know exactly what they are receiving in exchange for their hard-earned dollars – especially if taxes need to be increased. As a councillor, my job will be to keep taxes fair. The town is not a for-profit business – its primary job is to provide everyone with the services we all need in a fair and economically sensible way.

So – before voting for any proposed tax increases, I’d give people every chance to get the information they need, whether through social media, via email, by phone, or in person, to explain and answer any questions about why it’s needed, and what benefits it provides.

Citizens entrust town council with their money, and its council’s job to live up to that trust, and be sensible, transparent, and in touch with you as to how we spend that money.


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