Campaign question 1: Ivan Brooker (mayoral incumbent)


“I believe that my track record speaks for itself. I have always been and will continue to be very conscious of every dollar we spend. Over the last 4 years this is what we have done in regards to tax increases and in one year a tax decrease.

Tax year:

2014 – minus 2.50%

2015 – increase of 2.90%

2016 – increase of .56%

2017 – increase of .83%

4 year total tax increase of 1.79%

Or a 4 year average of .45%

We have a 10-year rolling financial plan and everything that we need to be thinking about as a community is included in that plan. Water and Sewer servicing, the New Bridge and connecting Roads to James Walker Trail, pedestrian Rail Crossing at Horse Creek Rd. a new RCMP building, a grade separated Rail Crossing on Centre Ave are just some examples. The last few years we have been working to get these needed pieces of infrastructure planned and the needed lands acquired, we are now ready to quickly advance these projects to benefit us all and the financial plan is there to support the needs.”


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