Campaign question 1: Alex Reed (council candidate)


It is one thing to talk about being fiscally responsible and keeping taxes low, however it’s quite another to live and experience it. Things aren’t as rosy as our current council projects publicly and Cochrane has tough financial decisions ahead that require someone with experience to address them. Being fiscally responsible and keeping taxes low will require a councillor who pursues an appropriate balance of spending and taxes that maintain sustainable public finances. We must ensure transparency with appropriate fiscal policies in place to optimize economic growth, while maintaining appropriate levels of public investment.

Having raised five children, I have both lived and experienced what’s required to be fiscally responsible and the importance of keeping taxes low. I plan on drawing from the my knowledge gained through my master’s degree in business, as a past university vice-president and three-term town councillor, to achieve the economic balance that is required for Cochrane. I will be prudent in the way we spend your tax dollars, getting full value and not shouldering future generations with debt. It’s about attracting new businesses, supporting existing businesses, and most importantly, living within our means. It’s time for a change.


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