2019 can’t come soon enough


With respect to his spurious accusation that UCP leader Jason Kenney leads a campaign of misinformation to mislead Albertans, MLA Cam Westhead offered up as supporting evidence that Mr. Kenney recently tweeted that Alberta’s population had shrunk under the NDP.

However, since he follows Mr. Kenney’s tweets that closely, Mr. Westhead should have been well aware that Mr. Kenney subsequently tweeted a clarification to his tweet, “should have written net interprovincial migration decline, not overall population.

In other words, more Canadians left Alberta than moved to it for eight consecutive quarters,” a small detail when your overall intent is to smear your political opponent.

Hardly a pimple on Pinocchio’s nose compared to the whoppers one gets from the NDP.

Again, 2019 can’t come soon enough!

Ron Voss


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